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Otsumami is a Japanese term for foods consumed with alcohol. There are various kinds of Otsumami in Japan, such as national popular snacks or local foods known only in rural areas. In Japan, it is usualy enjoying snacks when drinking.

Our service

From early 2019, we will start delivering various delicious Japanese snacks on a regular basis every month.

The unique snacks we carefully selected will make your drinking more enjoyable for everyone.

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Amazon Edition

Until the subscription service is started, we sell items you try at Amazon. This product is the memorable box we selected for the first time. I believe that people outside Japan are sure to like it, so please try and experience Japanese OTSUMAMI.

If you like it please write a review on Amazon. I would like to be able to select better products by referring to your feedback.

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Some special bonus item will be added if the person who registered the mail subscribes to the service.

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